Anna Katalin

Anna Katalin Nemeth has been dancing since her childhood: she is obsessed with the pure human body and its liberation through movement.

In the past years Anna has been developing a creative movement practice which she calls The Space In Between, investigating everything from the physical approach of dance and movement, combining contemporary dance techniques with elements of traditional and folk dance, to the philosophical approach of the understanding of human relations inspired by martial arts, meditation and trance states.

Yoga (Hatha/Vinyasa Flow)
The class is based on traditional Hatha Yoga, focusing on the conscious use of the breath and the holding of postures allowing the practitioner to settle body and mind. Using Vinyasa Flow style to practice maintaining this focus and calmness gained through the Hatha Yoga principles, in the physical challenge of continuous movement.

Contemporary Dance Basics
Anna will show some of the basic elements of contemporary dance before introducing her personal work. THE SPACE IN_BETWEEN_SOLO is a highly physical but playful contemporary dance class and research method which offers practical tools and approaches of opening oneself creative performing presence, and the way of sharing these between two or more individuals.

The focus of the class will be in the conscious understanding of spirals in the body and working with weight shifts (between balance and off balance), with the intention of gaining both confidence in dancing and a good understanding of movement efficiency.

Improvisation // Partnering // Contact

_THE SPACE IN BETWEEN_DUO is a contact improvisation, partnering and movement class where Anna Katalin Nemeth and Oli Pinchbeck draw on their respective backgrounds in dance and internal martial arts to present a joint workshop aimed at gaining awareness of the body and its motor skills, experiencing the stimuli of the surroundings, perceiving one’s own self and resonating with those around us.

The workshop includes a variety of activities focussing on the concepts of acceptance, resistance, change, giving, taking and letting go. Exploring a number of techniques, exercises and games, participants will work on inner and outer listening.

Workshop video:

Photo credit: Marta Sobala


Gustavo Ollitta是一位巴西马戏团艺术家,擅长武幻,Poi,平行线和平衡技术。2011年起,Gustavo前往欧洲参加Scuola di Cirko Vertigo-Italy(2011-2013)的当代马戏课程,并将他在流动艺术超过10年的经验带到了马戏界!

Lucero Ponce是一位秘鲁流动艺术家,获得200小时瑜伽认证,擅长于呼啦圈,肚皮舞,武幻和平衡技巧。从2010年开始,进行现代和现代舞蹈,肚皮舞和瑜伽。

Oli Pinchbeck 李平海

England /英国

15年前开始玩杂耍,他花了很长时间才意识到这一切不仅仅是一种爱好。 在接触杂耍的过程中训练了3到5个球,他于2007年至2010年在中国生活,在北京的弥纶传统功夫学校学习太极拳和气功。

他热衷于互动,即兴创作,小组工作和舞蹈。 下面的视频是李平海在DFF2018的工作坊纪录,这次他在大理杂耍和流动艺术节的系列讲座将涵盖他认为对多人练习有根据的各个方面,主要集中在玩乐。


接触杂耍个人和搭档 –
我们将探索一些经典的舞蹈形式组合,包括单独和伴侣,包括挥舞等,接触舞蹈。 我们还将探索长距离身体与物件接触和小转移。
舞蹈 101 (如何在舞会派对上玩的开心)
由于种种原因,人们常常因为跳舞而感到压抑。 我们将探索从当代舞蹈,嘻哈和舞蹈合作到游戏,弹跳到嘈杂音乐的各种基础知识。
弥纶 五元气功