Alexander Ray Brettell


Originally coming from drawing and painting, Alexander Ray Brettell discovers the movement during his art formation in high school, as a way to create spontaneously from the invisible, using the eyes and memory as a canvas.

For years he explored the doing and the being through a large scale of practice as juggling, dancing, clowning, contact improvisation, butö, theater, singing, inspired and learning from masters as Gyohei Zeitsu, David Zambrano, Julyen Hamilton, Anne-Marie Blink … He created several pieces or act based on Improvisation, always to explores the poetry of what is beyond the seen.

“MirAges” and “silences” where performed many time and still comes out at some occasions today.

In 2015, he co-found the FAAAAC J (Formation Avancée Alternative Autogérée des Arts de la Jonglerie) to precise his relationship with juggling as a tool to perform.

Since he developed a practice of juggling where he uses his clubs as pencils which brings him to movement and permit to interact with inner and outside world.

By the same time he co-found the collective Eole-Project with Thibaut Mathieu (Bach la Ouach) and Julien Munsch and the piece “Eole” as an exploration of the poetry of the wind and the movement through juggling.

He also developed a project with the musician and performer Jérémie Chapelain as the Cie Au Dessus Des Nuages where they have been exploring the poetry of dying and rebirth as a piece called “Precipitations”.

With a greed to share his curiosity and see others hatch, he always had a big interest for pedagogy and developed a large scale of workshops to explore the poetry of the doing and the being.

Each of his workshop are an invitation to focus on one prism as a gate to travel through your senses, explores inner and outer space and dig into the poetry of words and e-motions, to feed your practice and your tools to connect yourself and the rest of the universe.

Through the workshops, we will explores several aspect of the practice, each time focusing on one singular dimension. Mostly we will use games and play to shape our conscience of our environment to interact with and enrich our vocabulary and get deeper connections.

During the festival, five workshops will be proposed.

Each workshops can be taken separately and have their full autonomy. As far, they all are inter-connected and taken all together they will give a global experience of the practice, and help to full-fill your practical imagination, feed your world.

– Space Traveler

Inspired from David Zambrano’s Passing Threw, we will explore threw movement with and without object, a way to travel space in an every instant inter-connection.

– Spherical World

A bit of some optic and perspective theory to feed our conscience of space and explores it with a larger scale and declination of directions.

– Air Juggling

Using the air as a focus, we will connect with this invisible element, interact and play with it to enjoy the freedom of the “empty” hands. We will practice immobility to increase the senses and movement to interact with one and other through the air.

– Radius

It will be a time for club juggling. We will explores the radial dimension which permit to facilitate the connections and travel with more ease through space. It will create a global juggling vocabulary.

– The Gift

A time to dig in and out. To all let it be. Release our inner poetry, set it free and share it. This moment will be like a party, an invitation to create and compose spontaneously pieces and gift from what is inscribed in us, gifted by the present.

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