Theme Nights

For it’s second edition, Dali Flow Fest will present 3 Shows and 5 Theme nights.



Through this two-person work and the questioning essential to its evolution, they question the human relationship: the other as an indispensable partner for self-realization. a 40 minutes performance by Cie Les invendus (Guillaume Cachera & Nicolas Paumier)


In this performance, we will contradict ourselves. We will seek to make the invisible visible, to share what’s happening inside with the outside. We will make silence resonate. A 20 minutes performance by Cie Monad (Cyrille Humen & Van Kim Tran)


Dot and Line is a playful search of the dynamic point. Referring to the graphic dogma of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky „A line is dot on a walk“. The artist is examining how this two fellows dot and line are behaving in space. A 20 minutes performance by Fenfire (Sebastian Berger)


Dali Flow Fest, it’s also 5 theme nights and fire circle every nights with live music and DJ’s.

Last edition program :

Sun 06/05/18:

Fire Circle + DJ opening night

Mon 07/05/18 :

Improv night

Tue 08/05/18 :

*Open stage + Fire Circle

Wed 09/05/18 :

*Fire Gala + Fire Circle

Thur 10/05/18 :


Fri 11/05/18 :

Fire Circle

Sat 12/05/18 :

*The Gala show + all night fire circle & Djs

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