Zik D’orvrey

France/ 法国

Zik is a french juggler and illusionist that will come to share and amaze us with his skills.
Here is his act introduction :

“We live in a technologic world.
The only question we can ask is: “Am I free?”
Zik D’orvrey, a French actor give us, his point of view. Throught illusions maybe we can find a way to go out the daily at The Dali Flow Fest.
Switch off your phone and camera, Stop thinking and enjoy.”


  • Correction about standing : For all kind of props.
  • Missdirection and timing: For people intrested of adding some magic effects in their show.
  • Warm-ups and 3 ball juggling bases for beginners
  • Devil stick

Oli Pinchbeck

英国/ England
Oli started juggling 15 years ago, and it took him a long time to realise that all this was more than just a hobby. Training 3 to 5 balls alongside contact juggling, he lived in China between 2007 and 2010 studying taiji and qigong in Beijing at the Milun School of Traditional Kungfu.
He is passionate about interaction, improvisation, group work and dancing. His workshop series at Dali Flow Festival will cover a variety of aspects that he considers fundamental to multiperson practice, mainly focussed on having fun.


The Calm Inside
Contact juggling solo and with partners – we will explore some classic combinations with dance forms both alone and with a partner, including waving, tutting and contact dance. We will also look at long path body rolls and soft transfers.
Dance 101 (or How to have fun at a dance party)
People often feel inhibited to dance, for all sorts of reasons. We will explore a variety of fundamentals from contemporary dance, hip hop, and dance partnering through games and bouncing to loud music.
Milun 5 Elements Qigong
A short qigong sequence from the Milun School of Kungfu focussing on calmness, relaxation and expansion.



The project FENFIRE was founded 2004 by Sebastian Berger and a few other ambitious artists in Vienna / Austria. FENFIRE worked and taught throughout Europe the craft of object manipulation especially in fire arts. The association presents from the start a high value on good technique and a different approach to fire shows (2005 „Geometry of the Flames“ premiere Play Festival, Glasgow GB, 2011 the award winning show „Alps on Fire“ premiere Artisti di Strada, Ancona CH).

Today FENFIRE consists of two core members, Christiane Hapt and Sebastian Berger. They work in the experimental trans-disciplinary field of juggling and object manipulation. Sebastian developed most of the common repertoire of his mastery (fishtails). Together they are specialised in exploring partner fishtail. Consisting both, product designers and circus artists, FENFIRE tries to unite sculptural and dramatic arts in some of their productions in order to show their audience the verve of object manipulation.

FENFIRE works worldwide in the fields of corporate productions, theatre and street theatre, festivals, varieties, traditional and contemporary circus, they are also a board member of the Austrian Federal Association for Circus Pedagogy.

FENFIRE performed in 39 countries and 4 continents.

www.FENFIRE.at / www.objektmanipulation.at





– all levels

– 1/2 staffs

The workshop contains:


Learning with each hand simultaneously the various balance points to manipulate the staff. You start fresh with Fishtails? -Right on. You have Fishtail experience but have trouble with dual fishtails, forward/backward fishtail, consistency in dynamics….this package of fundamentals will bring answers.

Fishtails are not only a move, it´s a universe of dynamic balances. Together we explore these different kind of balances to make our fishtail alive / stronger.

We will also use Fishtail pivot map as a guide to learn about the transitional points and their various methods. You will learn to connect to be precise within fishtails, get more stable in pirouettes, …. You will for sure learn new aspects of patterns you know, as well as heaps of completely new material.


– requirement: 1 hand stable fishtail on each hand (no matter if forward or backward)

– 2 staffs

The workshop contains:

How to go from singe fishtail to double fishtail? What preparation can be made?

Doing first steps into double fishtail patterns, as well as exploring the options for development.

Bonus Level: Apply the knowledge on double fishtails. How are 2 fishtails connected on the map trough the rhythm of pivots?  (half theoretical half practical approach, depending on skill level present)


One family of fishtail tricks that is rapidly expanding is the vertical fishtail balances. In this workshop we will work on basic control in the vertical balances, as well as covering the main positions and their manipulations paths. And don´t you worry, there are plenty of good challenges in there.

Bonus level: in the „Fishtail Think Tank“ in Budapest 2016 we discovered dozens of combined patterns,….we will for sure run out of time to approach them all. This is on the cutting edge of the vertical branch of fishtails.


– requirement: 1 hand stable fishtail (no matter if left or right, forward or backward)

– the more patterns the better

– 1/2 staffs

The workshop contains:

Learn to stabilise your own fishtail, and learn to see and understand the fishtail of your partner. Together we have to find a rhythm to share and play on. Next to learn more about tiny variations within fishtail patterns, it will enable us to do partner fishtail.

Stealing and providing the staff as well as throwing and catching will be the major parts of the workshop. Lets swim together!


– all props

– all levels

This workshop is about one way to train stable, repeatable technique. We all have been in the situation that a trick that we thought we „CAN DO“ doesn´t work right that moment. Quite frustrating.

We will work on a simple idea how to structure one part of your training, to ensure you are capable to deliver a trick when required.

In other words, how to challenge yourself to train the same elements over and over again, without loosing interest.

Companie Monad

Monad is a juggling and dance company created in 2018 by Van-Kim Tran and Cyrille Humen.

Van-Kim Tran | Juggler and dancer
A graduate in engineering, and self-taught juggler, Van-Kim trained at the Lomme circus school.
He has professionally practiced contemporary dance, buto and dervish dance, with Carolyn Carlson, Jean-Daniel Fricker and Ziya Azazi. He wrote a contact juggling and buto solo “Solstice” in 2014.
Until 2017, he was part of the company Defracto, with whom he wrote the show “Dystonie”.

Cyrille Humen | Juggler and dancer
A self-taught juggler and dancer, Cyrille’s juggling is notably physical and acrobatic.
In 2016, with Van-Kim, they organized and participated in a self-managed training and juggling workshop series with the Faaac (Alternative and self-managed program for circus arts).
After performing his pieces around the world, he now works with the circus company, Acrojou (England) beginning with their creation in 2018.

Eric Longequel | Director
Awarded the silver medal at the “Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain“, Eric is a founding member of the company Ea Eo, with which he created “M2“ and “All the Fun“. With the company Defracto, he wrote “Flaque“. Since 2016, he has worked with Jay Gilligan on “How to Welcome the Aliens“, the show which will be performed when aliens land on Earth.
He has contributed as a director to the performances “Dystonie“ (Defracto), “Loop“ (Stoptoï) and “I have no legs, I have wings“ (Tau).
In 2018, he has received the SACD juggling creation award.

Everything starts with a Yin moment…


In this performance, we will contradict ourselves
We will seek to make the invisible visible,
To share what’s happening inside with the outside.
We will make silence resonate
and share a taste of eternity in less than an hour. Bodies will constantly turn. And yet, at times, they will be still. In this duet, we will be three.
Juggling will be present.

Exploring the Yin-Yang

In this performance of juggling and dance, two bodies whirl. They will bring you in a modern trance, their choreography setting the rhythm of the hypnosis.

曹凯/Cao Kai

中国/ China

Working at Chinese Acrobatic Troupe since 2011. Cao kai is specialised in juggling bouncing balls, his highest record is up to ten balls, which make him the highest record holder for hands skills.  His solo performance “Tap Dance. Ball Skill” has visited more than 60 countries so far; representing China in various domestic and international cultural performances and acrobatic arts festivals, and won numerous awards.



  • Getting started with tap dancing (90mins) :
    Liberate your feet and experience the fun of tapping with your feet
  • Basic bouncing ball experience (90mins) :
    Using the ball in your hand to bounce back and forth, you can feel the concentration of the ball at the moment and explore the role of reflex nerves in our daily life.
  •  Juggling dance  with hands and feet (90mins) :
    Combining the practise of the first two sessions, in the third session, I will let everyone start with 2 balls. Experiencing juggling while tapping with your feet.


Cyrille Humen

France/ 法国

A self-taught juggler and dancer, Cyrille ’s juggling is notably physical and acrobatic.
In 2016, with Van-Kim, they organised and participated in a self-managed training and juggling workshop series with the Faaac (Alternative and self-managed program for circus arts).
After performing his pieces around the world, he now works with the circus company, Acrojou (England).

Cyrille and Van-Kim Tran created in 2018 the juggling and dance Companie “Monad”. They will present their first creation “Yin”, a 20 minutes performance mixing objects manipulation and  dervish dance, a show not to be missed. For more infos, check out their page : Cie Monad.


  • Exploration and practice of body tricks for 3 balls juggling (2x2hours)
  • Exploration and practice of body rolls (2x2hours)

3 balls juggling

Contact Juggling

Poi: Contact & Swing

Cie les invendus

Guillaume Cachera & Nicolas Paumier

France/ 法国

Created in 2016, the company is the fruit of a long collaboration.

Their friendship, enriched by many trips abroad, where they shared and developed their common passion: Juggling!

They have created various shows of short and long forms in France, Europe and South America.

To this relational dynamic has been added the will to improve and deepen their knowledge, both technical and theoretical, through professional training. These multiple experiences now nourish their work, their desire for expression.

A springtime creation and a summer tour allowed them to confirm their technical language:  “juggled movement”.

Through this two-person work and the questioning essential to its evolution, they question the human relationship: the other as an indispensable partner for self-realization.

Today, they do not need to talk to understand each other anymore! This duo is an obvious and they wish more than anything to share with their audience moments of humor, bearers of sense and generators of emotions.

For more individual artists info please go on their website:



  • Juggling workshop (2x 1,5 hours):
    – Partner work (contact, movements, connexion)
    – Work on the juggling movement
    – Personal researches linked with their method
    – How to write down a sequence
  • Group composition (2 hours)