Flame flowers


Flame Flowers formation was created more than 10 years ago, Anna Weszelovszky and Robert Haab has spent many years of creative work together. Since then they proved their artistic value at many European festivals and events gaining the appreciation of the audience and the professional scene.

From the beginning their attentions has always been on different types of object manipulation techniques and later on started experimenting with duet choreographies. The combination of these two can give the audience a very modern and exciting visual experience.

In order to provide a special and unique scene for the public, they designed and made their own costumes, equipments and installation of their show.

官网/ Official Website: www.FlameFlowers.com/



“I am a self taught juggler and have now been juggling, teaching and performing for more than 10 years all over the world. I began to juggle with staff and then progressed to contact ball, club manipulation and ball juggling. Before starting my juggling journey I trained in acrobatics and martial arts which is where I started to play with sticks and which inspired me a lot in my practice.”

As a graphic designer, Meast pays a lot of attention to the object trajectory and the body movements involved to create the patterns. His first interest is focused on this “body/object” relation and its visual impact.

Instagram : @meast__



CONTACT STAFF Steeve variations

STAFF JUGGLING Throws variations