Yanika Beliza


Yanika Beliza is a performance artist who explores movement through Hoop Dance, Yoga, Fire Arts, Contact Juggling and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Dancing with fire since 2005, she tours around the world performing to versatile cultures and audiences with her circus skills and dance performances. While living in Asian countries she has developed a unique style where she combines yoga and sacred geometry to her hoop dance vocabulary.



1. Yoga Hooping workshop that combines alignment from yoga and tricks from hooping. Strength and flexibility exercises that will help you with the movements

2. Multi-hooping Workshop
I will teach how to train with 3 hoops and more and go through variations with on-body and off-body tricks on multi-hooping. Adding hoops to your practice can be challenging, but once you learn it it´s so rewarding!

Rico Hoop


Rico is traveler of the globe, teaching and performing with hoop. Rico is credited with the development the ”hyper-vertical” hula hoop position or movement called Asymmetrical Angle Hooping.

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Shamay in the 90’s in the Paris suburbs; as a little girl she learnt classical dance and modern’ jazz, also music and gymnastic.

In 2006 she discovered fire street arts and joined the compagnie “Nostra Sceïn” until 2009.

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