Companie Monad

Monad is a juggling and dance company created in 2018 by Van-Kim Tran and Cyrille Humen.

Van-Kim Tran | Juggler and dancer
A graduate in engineering, and self-taught juggler, Van-Kim trained at the Lomme circus school.
He has professionally practiced contemporary dance, buto and dervish dance, with Carolyn Carlson, Jean-Daniel Fricker and Ziya Azazi. He wrote a contact juggling and buto solo “Solstice” in 2014.
Until 2017, he was part of the company Defracto, with whom he wrote the show “Dystonie”.

Cyrille Humen | Juggler and dancer
A self-taught juggler and dancer, Cyrille’s juggling is notably physical and acrobatic.
In 2016, with Van-Kim, they organized and participated in a self-managed training and juggling workshop series with the Faaac (Alternative and self-managed program for circus arts).
After performing his pieces around the world, he now works with the circus company, Acrojou (England) beginning with their creation in 2018.

Eric Longequel | Director
Awarded the silver medal at the “Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain“, Eric is a founding member of the company Ea Eo, with which he created “M2“ and “All the Fun“. With the company Defracto, he wrote “Flaque“. Since 2016, he has worked with Jay Gilligan on “How to Welcome the Aliens“, the show which will be performed when aliens land on Earth.
He has contributed as a director to the performances “Dystonie“ (Defracto), “Loop“ (Stoptoï) and “I have no legs, I have wings“ (Tau).
In 2018, he has received the SACD juggling creation award.

Everything starts with a Yin moment…


In this performance, we will contradict ourselves
We will seek to make the invisible visible,
To share what’s happening inside with the outside.
We will make silence resonate
and share a taste of eternity in less than an hour. Bodies will constantly turn. And yet, at times, they will be still. In this duet, we will be three.
Juggling will be present.

Exploring the Yin-Yang

In this performance of juggling and dance, two bodies whirl. They will bring you in a modern trance, their choreography setting the rhythm of the hypnosis.

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