Mister Kolay

Russia (俄罗斯)

Mister Kolay while studying physics and maths, discovered at age 20 the world of juggling.

First participating in local festivals and street shows, in 2013 he started to perform for “Lumen” (www.lumen.ch) and as Solo artist.

From 2014 to 2017, he continued working full-time as solo performer and for Lumen, La Salamandre, Abaldir, Asian Gose event, Daudey Evenement and Coart
Performed for private and public events in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Saoudi arabia, India, Nepal and China.
in 2018, he met Soplarte Circo in Goa. Together, they created “The Electric Brothers” and they started to perform “the Electric brothers Show” in India.

Réorientation professionnelle from MisterKolay on Vimeo.



– Three balls basics juggling tricks.
– One club manipulation.
– Ball multiplexes and graphical juggling.
– Partner juggling part one and two: how to juggle with another person
– Laughter yoga: 40 minutes of artificially stimulated laugh that will generate 20 minutes of spontaneous laugh. Very good for the mood, for the heart and for the smile.

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