Pixxel lives in China since more than 10 years, artist in the soul. He learnt fire breathing with a professional when he was very young. After a long break in his live, he decided to go live in China; to make his passion become his profession.

Pixxel is performing different kind of props such as: poi, staff, torches but also stilt walking.

He also creates his own props and costume and developed a new style combining spinning torches and fire breathing. This combinaison became his speciality.

Fascinated by flames and wanting to be the closest to it, Pixxel learnt and mastered the art of Closing fire (eating fire), playing with flames all over his body.


Closing fire workshop

DIuration 90 min.
Level: beginner to intermediate and for people have already experience and want up this level.

Theme of lesson by day :

1. Extinguishes
2. Fleshing
3. Transfers
4. Vapor tricks
5. Special tricks
6. Partner tricks

Breathing Fire workshop

Duration 90 min.

The lesson depend the experience of people:
Level: beginner to intermediate

1. Security and safety (what need to do before start fire).
2. How to spit water
3. First try with oil and fire (control element around for safety fire)
4. Control of the breath and the distance of the flame from your mouth . (spit fire in the long run).
5. First tricks experience.

Every lesson level depend on the progression of participate. 
I keep the right to deciders if the participate is ready to move on to the next lesson. 


Petrol and torches will be available for try and for sale during the festival.

Pixxel will also have a prop shop for fire gears. He will propose poi, staff, torches,firework poi, monkey fist poi, charcoal cages, torch poi, fire eating wands, moustache wands, and kevlar by meter.

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