Rico Hoop


Rico is traveler of the globe, teaching and performing with hoop. Rico is credited with the development the ”hyper-vertical” hula hoop position or movement called Asymmetrical Angle Hooping.

It is described as a technique to hoop vertically while keeping the body in an upright position. This effect is achieved with a combination of movements found in belly-dance and contact-staff skills. After 8 years playing hoop, Rico continues to reach new dimensions and discovery within the hoop. He has taught hundreds of workshops worldwide.

He is an long time innovator of on-body hooping techniques. His unique angled style, and concepts of ‘vertical shoulder hooping’ have influenced hoopers world-wide. He’s constantly pushing the boundaries of his own skill, incorporating into his hooping new objects, elements of local terrain, and stylized upper body motion.

Come learn from one of the greatest hooping talents from France.
This is an excellent opportunity to learn many aspects and variations of angled shoulder hooping.

Experience a different way to play with your Hoop, This workshop is for all levels, everyone can benefit from this unique workshop, just bring your heaviest hoop (best for contact hoop) and practice your chest hooping until the workshop 🙂

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