Hello guys !

About me
After the Oedipal murder of my parents, I named myself “Lotto”.
I know what you are thinking, so please, shut up !

My past life
I had a stupid life, “Power” then “Money” sometimes both, then neither. In seeking my freedom, I lose many useless things that I do not regret, except the money, of course

My formation
I was not a good actor, so i needed to train myself a lot. I did 3 years a famous Art dramatica school, 1 year in the physical theater school of Jacques Lecoq and 2 years in a professional clown school “The Samovar”… So now, i still a bad actor but i am trained to be bad ! so it is cool, isn’t ?

My Street Show
After wondering a lot about myself, my clown and me, we, all together, created my clown’s street show. At the beginning, of course, it does not work at all ! It had to be suspected, the street is not a subject that we learn at school. So I decide to continue to face shame and humiliation, using it as an motivation, to work better and faster … And the following summer, whether you believe it or not … it was still shit. And from there, as a stroke of genius, a finger extended to the theater’s gods, was born my show called “Liturgy of bullshit”.


In a first step, You gonna fail, and you will work hard to try to enjoy it !
In a second step, you gonna share with us your secret emotion, and we will laugh at you.
At the end, you gonna be sad, and we will laugh louder… so…. Clown’s life…
After reading this, if you are not scared to come in my workshop, that means that you are stupid ! Don’t worry about languages problem, i speak every language, when i am drunk.

I really really enjoy to see you soon, buddy


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