Dali Flow Fest is the fruit of passionate people working together. We wish everybody to feel like this festival is their own. From the collaborative workshop board, the open stage and the fire space to the self washing station for plates and cups and the rubbish management, we function on the concept of community and sharing.

Of course we need a team of kind and motivated volunteers to make this event run smooth. That’ s where we need your help !

Volunteers are divided in three teams:


    If you like DIY, working with wood, fabric, and paint, you are used to work with tools and have a creative touch, but also up to the chalenge of carrying heavy loads, mounting tents, creating structures this team is for you. We will have a deco residency from April 1st to 6th in Dali to create all the new beautiful decos you ll see at the festival.
    Set up will start from April 15th to 20th, and Unset up 27th and 28th.
    Volunteers will be required to work 8 hours per day during the set-up and un set-up and an extra 2 hours during the festival, to keep the decos and site always beautiful until the last day !


This is where the adventure starts.
You will be welcoming the participants by giving them the bracelet and the cup that will accompany them during the whole festival.

you ll also need to be organised for selling the day tickets and keeping tracks of the pre-sales. The entrance is also a place of conviviality where people will come and chill as others comes and goes.

Work time: 6 hours per day from 20th to 27th.


To start the days or after a good workshops all participants will gather for a well deserved meal at the kitchen.
If you like to cook, have a good sens of hygiene and beautiful smile, come join our vegetarian kitchen.
Working time are from 8 to 10 pm – 12 to 2pm and 5 to 7pm.

Set up and un set up of the dishes, plates and chop sticks, serving the dishes to participants and cashing in the meal fee are the standard tasks, but if you have some cooking skill you can also join in to the preparation

All Volunteers are required to purchase their entrance tickets that will be refund on the last day if they did their duty.
All volunteers we will also be provided 3 meals per day.

Volunteers can help in the different tasks listed below :


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