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You can arrive in Dali through 3 airports; there are 3 direct flights per week from Paris to Kunming, but also many flights from neighbour countries : Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul, Kathmandu, Kuala Lumpur…
Closest airport to Dali are :

  1. Kunming airport (KMG) + train/bus/car (4 to 7 hours)
  2. Dali airport (DLU) + 1 hour taxi (150RMB),
  3. Lijiang airport (LJG) + 2 hour taxi (200 RMB).Avoid flight arriving too late in the night as you might have to manage a night over in Kunming. Experience told us that a foreigner not speaking chinese arriving with jet lag at night in China, even very safe will feel quite lost and help less. Better consider this point while booking your ticket.

From Kunming to Dali 3 options:

  1. High speed train departs every 30 minutes from 6:40 to 21:40 from Kunming train station and takes 2 hours to arrive in Dali.
    From airport take bus no2 to the final stop (45 minutes/25RMB), then get to train station by walk 5 minutes and go to get your tickets at the counter at the bottom right toward train station.
    We highly advise you to book tickets in advance. check this website.
  2. Private car 200 RMB per passenger (5 hours from airport to old town fastest and preferred option.
  3. Plane 50 min.  (tickets: skyscanner)



You can apply for Chinese visa for 30 days (from 90 days before your arrival date).
It’s always easier to apply in you home country. Check with the closest Chinese consulate to know about the list of documents you need to provide. They usually require;

  • passport with minimum 6 month validity from date of arrival
  • at least 2 empty pages on your passport for visa and stamps
  • copy of plane ticket (copy of a confirmation email with flight detail is enough)
  • booking of you first night of hotel in arrival city (booking can allow you to have booking that can be cancelled for free until few days before arrival)
  • detail of the place you will visit in China (you can just say Kunming 1 night, Dali 10 days, and if you wish to stay longer than the festival duration you can add Lijiang and shangri la as places to visit. Precise the dates and city for each, it s better if yu have hotel booking that match you itinerary)
  • copy of your bank account that proves you have enough money to sustain your stay during your time in China.
  • some consulat will propose express service for extra charge, others will require minimum a week. Please apply your visa early enough.


Room rates in Dali, range from 35 RMB a night for a bed in a dormitory to 120 RMB for a comfortable private room with bathroom.

Rooms in private houses owned by locals can be rented from 800 RMB per month.

Electric Scooters can be rented everywhere in town, for about 30 to 40 RMB per day

for more infos please email us.

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