Thomas Hoeltzel

France (法国)

After graduating from the Center of Circus Arts, in Lomme, France, in 2009, he performed his act AKO, over 400 times around Europe.

From 2009 to 2015, he worked with many companies and many projects from different backgrounds such as circus, dance, street art, and opera.

In 2015, he joined Expiry Date, a show by the Petri Dish Company in which he still performs today.

In 2016, he joined La Main de l’Homme for the creation of Humanoptère in which he’sperformer, but also co-wroter. This show is currently still touring.

Since 2016, he performed his act AKO for GOP Varieté in different cities of Germany.

Besides his experience as a performer, Thomas has been, since 2010, teaching juggling and artistic research around the world, while concentrating his efforts at ESAC in Belgium, and the Center of Circus Arts in France.

Very early, Thomas was interested by movement and he looked for links between juggling, dance and other arts to nourish his practice.
Thus, he developped a personal style, mixing juggling, dance and body shapes. Through this choreographic and expressive approach, he consideres juggling as continuation of the body and as a language with rythmic and harmonic variations.


– Body throws and body shapes.
Exploring how juggling affects automaticaly the body attitudes and shapes …

– Juggling and movement.
Exploring how juggling initiate movement …



He started to juggle with oranges when he was 9 years old. At age of 17, he decided to become a circus artist because after 3 years of Shaolin Kung fu practice, his master told him he should focus on circus arts.

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In 2010, he sincerely fell in love with juggling and started to practice. He preferred to balance, isolate, and juggle the types of geometry. He thinks that juggling comes from life, it is a kind of understanding of themselves, feel the art of the universe!

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Muakine practice contact juggling since 15 years. Very early, he feels the links and the precious help that taichi can give him in the development of his art.

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Ian Jenson


Juggling has been a passion of Ian since 2008, started with pen spinning in 2008 and later Contact Juggling in 2010. He loves to travel around the world and attend many juggling related conventions, art festivals and workshops.

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