Cyrille Humen

France/ 法国

A self-taught juggler and dancer, Cyrille ’s juggling is notably physical and acrobatic.
In 2016, with Van-Kim, they organised and participated in a self-managed training and juggling workshop series with the Faaac (Alternative and self-managed program for circus arts).
After performing his pieces around the world, he now works with the circus company, Acrojou (England).

Cyrille and Van-Kim Tran created in 2018 the juggling and dance Companie “Monad”. They will present their first creation “Yin”, a 20 minutes performance mixing objects manipulation and  dervish dance, a show not to be missed. For more infos, check out their page : Cie Monad.


  • Exploration and practice of body tricks for 3 balls juggling (2x2hours)
  • Exploration and practice of body rolls (2x2hours)

3 balls juggling

Contact Juggling

Poi: Contact & Swing

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